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Funny Birthday Phrases
Birthday Phrases are typically found in greeting cards for a birthday. Even with the mobile phone via SMS you can send funny birthday sayings and phrases. With such a phrase you congratulate someone to a birthday. Birthday phrases are usually very short - it is a small text or funny birthday verses. Sayings for a birthday can be spiteful, for example, you can use "Congratulations to the advanced age" be something in common.
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Birthday Verses and Rhymes
Birthday verses are little poems or short texts, or aphorisms, which can be congratulated for a birthday. Many people already have poems for a birthday or anniversary verses written, so many examples of verses birthday place. With a little rhyme, a lot of birthday congratulations to the amusing, as if they just sent a warm greeting. It is even better if you do a verse written for a birthday, which is specifically geared to the person who is the birthday.
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Birthday Invitation Texts
Birthday invitation texts are short texts, funny poems, verses or rhymes that are wirtten in an invitation card for birthdays. If the birthday party is held under a specific theme, then can such a text for birthday invitations with the company motto. The guests, one with the invitation cards would like to invite, should be invited by the ruling party in mood.
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Birthday Poems
A birthday poem is a poem or a few short verses and rhymes that you congratulations on the birthday of a friend or a relative. Birthday Poems can be send with SMS and your mobile phone, as well as send by email or in a greeting card for a birthday. If you are not creative enough to write your own birthday poem, you can get templates for poems for a birthday or on the Internet looking for the great british or american writers who already spend time on the theme birthday congratulations.
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Birth Phrases
Birth phrases are verses, short texts or poems which are used to congratulate to the birth of a baby. These awards can be send by email or SMS. You may also use birth greeting cards to whish the parents and the baby good luck and a bright future. Such an birth phrase for the birth should be humorous. Ideally, it refers to the concrete situation in life or on the characteristics of the child or the parents. This makes birth phrases special and personal and it gives the impression as if it is specifically designed for this baby.
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Wisdom Birthday
Wisdom birthday are funny sayings, text, verses and rhymes that you sent a birthday. Such wisdom can be contained in a birthday, a birthday greeting and a used to congratulate. you may also send birthday wisdom using your mobile phone and SMS or include it in a email or birthday congratulation card.
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Company Anniversary Quotes
Quotes for a company anniversary are written into anniversary cards with congratulations or included into speeches for such an anniversary. Such quotes are short texts, verses or sayings. One can include them in speeches or integrate quotes into a presentation for the company anniversary. Happy quotes from famous people are used in large companies - often they refer to the specific situation of the company, which celebrates an anniversary.
An often cited example is "more than 640 kB will never be necessary." This quotation could fit into a company that manufactures storage solutions.
A general quote is "long-term goals, satisfied employees and customer loyalty are important for long-lasting success."
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